about the workshops

Vertical Movement is a contemporary based workshop where our main focus is to use dance as communication to God, and others. 



Throughout the weekend, we will weave together creativity, instruction, movement devotionals, choreography, a closing concert, and more.

Workshop students are invited to dance in the final concert with choreography they learn during the workshop, and also encouraged to bring their own dances to share.  Workshops are $45, or $65 at the door and for ages 11 and up.

If you pay at the door, make sure you have cash or a credit card - we can't accept checks.  Thank you!

why choose vertical movement?

Vertical Movement Workshops are intended to be smaller, more intimate gatherings.  We strongly believe in building community and that is one of the main purposes for the workshops.  Surrounding yourself with others who share a passion for God - and for dance - can be a time of refreshment for the soul. 


We want to make the workshops affordable, and allow dancers to receive quality training without having to travel far - which is why the workshops are designed the way they are - where we come to you.  If you are interested in hosting a Vertical Movement workshop, please email at verticalmovementdance@gmail.com.  All you need to provide is a building!